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I have listed several books here that I have found helpful and informative. You can click on the book and go directly to amazon.com for more detail about the book or to order, or you can use the ISBN number to get the book at your bookstore or online place of your choice. 

cover This series does a great job of visually teaching by example. In addition they have a companion website where you can download all the examples used in the book.

ISBN# 0201354934

cover Same series as above, but with the added information of giving some introductory programming logic and information for those with no assumed prior programming experience. Also a great companion  website with all the working examples from the book

ISBN# 0201354632

cover A real cut to the chase, what you need to know book. One of the few I have ever found that actually takes you step by step thru each complex tool in this awesome software package, and teaches by example. A must for busy designers who only have time for the "I need to know how to do that NOW" mentality.

ISBN# 0672317230

cover A valuable source of information written as clearly as such a complex subject subject can, while still addressing all the technology and protocols associated with this monster of protocols

ISBN# 0124558356

cover A great tool for learning the technology behind ASP, and learning the basics of object orientated programing. A walk thru the most elementary uses of ASP to the most intense database apps.

ISBN# 1861003382

cover Lots of design tips, and principles. A good source for those just getting into web design, or veterans who like to see different approaches.

ISBN# 1568304331

cover A very nice step thru to create some very interesting and unique graphics using a variety of graphic tools

ISBN# 1558285504

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